Adam Globa is a Canadian Graphic Designer currently living in Toronto, Ontario. His practices' primary focus is brand identity design, packaging design, editorial design and web design. His design approach is influenced by conceptual storytelling, typography and critical thinking. Adam currently holds three diplomas from Red River College in Winnipeg Manitoba, including Graphic Design, Communication Design and Business Administration. He has worked in studio, agency and in-house positions, but is currently freelancing and working with small businesses in the service industry as well as within cultural sectors.




Low Life is a lo-fi minimalist brewery focused on foeder-aged brett and sour craft beers as well as natural wines. Its staff are no strangers to using experimental brewing techniques, and they wanted their brand to represent that spirit of innovation. Inspired by the DIY punk culture and their dedication to experimental brewing techniques, I developed a brand system that both celebrates their explorative take on beer while remaining modern and unique in the craft beer community. The design approach separated brewing techniques by shade and colour through the label design and is supported by experimental digital collages. The identity evokes the feeling of an underground movement, not confined to one industry and always looking for ways to push the envelope. Friz Quadrata and Neue Montreal are juxtaposed against each other to visually represent the different brewing process as well as support the DIY aesthetic and concept.