Adam Globa is a Canadian Graphic Designer currently living in Toronto, Ontario. His practices' primary focus is brand identity design, packaging design, editorial design and web design. His design approach is influenced by conceptual storytelling, typography and critical thinking. Adam currently holds three diplomas from Red River College in Winnipeg Manitoba, including Graphic Design, Communication Design and Business Administration. He has worked in studio, agency and in-house positions, but is currently freelancing and working with small businesses in the service industry and also within cultural sectors.




Good Fortune is a LGBTQ2S+ owned barbershop located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was approached to assist them in developing an identity for their shop, encompassing a motto of “All are welcome” and dispelling the notion that barbershops are only for men. Being active members in their community, the owners wanted their brand to communicate a fun and accessible tone. I developed a custom wordmark and brand system paired with BIPOC type foundry Vocal Type’s VTC Carrie, further pushing the concept of inclusiveness, even throughout working stages of the brand. Typographic lockups were created and inspired by vintage Americana / tattoo shops and paired with a bright and inviting colour palette. The result being a unique and approachable identity that is a pillar in their community. Being regularly involved in neighbourhood clean-ups and hosting events, Good Fortune is a shining example of how to operate in a community of people who support you.