Adam Globa is a Canadian Graphic Designer currently living in Toronto, Ontario. His practices' primary focus is brand identity design, packaging design, editorial design and web design. His design approach is influenced by conceptual storytelling, typography and critical thinking. Adam currently holds three diplomas from Red River College in Winnipeg Manitoba, including Graphic Design, Communication Design and Business Administration. He has worked in studio, agency and in-house positions, but is currently freelancing and working with small businesses in the service industry and also within cultural sectors.




Next Friend Cider makes its cider using the abundance of wild Manitoba trees that yield apples and other fruits that would otherwise go to waste. I developed a brand identity for them focused around the humble circle, representing the different fruits and gathering practices that are used in the collection and fermentation process. On the label, a die-cut was used to allow the product to shine through the label, bringing the product’s unique colour to each variety of cider. The typography is playful and contemporary, supported by a colourful sticker, representing the variety of cider. Because the fruit is collected, every year a portion of all sales are donated to organizations that support food security and reducing food waste.